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2019-06-14Rebuild for Perl upgradeDaniel Hahler
2017-09-03Bump pkgrel for Perl updateDaniel Hahler
2017-06-07Rebuild for Perl update, add MakefileDaniel Hahler
2016-12-23Bump pkgrelDaniel Hahler
2016-12-23Revert "Remove font-width-fix.patch"Daniel Hahler
2016-12-22Update pkgrel and .SRCINFODaniel Hahler
2016-12-22Remove font-width-fix.patchDaniel Hahler
2016-12-22Take over maintainership, remove wide-glyphs patchDaniel Hahler
2016-07-01Remove --disable-pixbufFlorian Bruhin
2016-06-06pkgrel bumpFlorian Bruhin
2016-05-17Update .SRCINFOFlorian Bruhin
2016-05-09Add patch to display wide glyphsFlorian Bruhin
2016-01-28cleanup, apply changes from [community]Florian Bruhin
2016-01-28Update to 9.22, add SGR patch.Florian Bruhin
2015-06-28Bump pkgrel because of perl upgrade.Florian Bruhin
2015-06-10Adopt rxvt-unicode-patchedFlorian Bruhin