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2017-12-02Updated to version 8.3.0Michele Mocciola
2017-04-13Updated to recent version of mesaMichele Mocciola
2017-03-03Updated to sip-4.19 and mesa-17.0.0Michele Mocciola
2016-12-27Modified checksumMichele Mocciola
2016-12-20Little changesMichele Mocciola
2016-12-11Updated to compile salome-medMichele Mocciola
2016-11-22Updated to version 7.8.0Michele Mocciola
2016-06-03Updated to currentMichele Mocciola
2015-09-28Solved issue with sphinx detectionMichele Mocciola
2015-07-19Downgrade of paraview to version 4.2.0Michele Mocciola
2015-07-10Removed little bug in salome-gui.profileMichele Mocciola
2015-07-08Update to version 7.6.0Michele Mocciola