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2021-07-05fixed .SRCINFO for version 0.4.4Tolga Cakir
2020-07-16updated to version 0.4.3Tolga Cakir
2020-05-18updated project URLTolga Cakir
2020-01-10updated to version 0.4.2Tolga Cakir
2017-01-23updated to version 0.4.1Tolga Cakir
2016-09-22replaced MD5 by SHA-256Tolga Cakir
2016-09-22backup config fileTolga Cakir
2016-09-22add version and extension to tarballTolga Cakir
2016-09-08updated to version 0.4.0Tolga Cakir
2016-01-24updated to version 0.3.1Tolga Cakir
2016-01-19updated to version 0.3.0 and added systemd as dependencyTolga Cakir
2015-06-26initial commitTolga Cakir