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2021-06-20Update to version 3.0.16Booloki
2021-06-11Update to version 3.0.15Booloki
2021-05-14Update to version 3.0.14Booloki
2021-05-10Update to version 3.0.13 with patchBooloki
2021-01-21Update to version 3.0.12Booloki
2020-11-11Add aribcam pluginBooloki
2020-09-27Add srt 1.4.2 compatibilty patchBooloki
2020-08-10Update to version
2020-06-16Update to version 3.0.11Booloki
2020-04-29Update to version 3.0.10Booloki
2020-04-27Update to version
2020-02-23aom compat patchBooloki
2019-08-20Update to version 3.0.8Booloki
2019-06-12Update to version
2019-06-07Enable dav1d and temporary disable libplacebo rebuildBooloki
2019-03-20libssh2 rebuild with patchBooloki
2019-03-06libvpx rebuild with patchBooloki
2019-02-14Update dependency libsystemd -> systemd-libsBooloki
2019-01-22Update to version 3.0.6Booloki
2018-07-15libnfs 3.0.0 rebuildBooloki
2018-06-16Update to version 3.0.3-1Booloki
2018-03-09Update to version 3.0.1Booloki
2018-02-24Update to version 3.0.0Booloki
2018-01-25Update to version 2.2.8Booloki
2017-05-27Update to version 2.2.6-1Booloki
2016-10-11Update to version 2.2.4-1Booloki
2016-05-05Update to version 2.2.3-1Booloki
2016-03-30.SCRINFO updateBooloki
2016-02-18Initial importBooloki