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11 daysUpdate to
2018-04-11Relaxing cup with café con leche in the plaza mayorsL1pKn07
2018-04-08Update to 3.0.4sL1pKn07
2017-09-05Fix FS55509sL1pKn07
2017-08-05Reorder dependssL1pKn07
2017-06-06Drop own wx-configsL1pKn07
2017-06-06Move wxGTK3 to own packagesL1pKn07
2017-05-24Update to 3.0.3sL1pKn07
2016-07-31oupsGustavo Alvarez
2016-07-31Add support for wxgtk over GTK3 and fix build with GCC 6.1.xGustavo Alvarez
2016-04-24opsGustavo Alvarez
2015-12-11gcc (abi) rebuild)sl1pkn07
2015-06-08Initial commitsl1pkn07