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2019-12-03Bump version to 2.10.8Kevin McCormack
2019-08-01Bump to 2.10.7Kevin McCormack
2019-07-24Bump to v2.10.6Kevin McCormack
2019-07-12Bump version to 2.10.5Kevin McCormack
2019-04-11Bump to v2.10.4Kevin McCormack
2019-03-11Bump to v2.10.1Kevin McCormack
2019-02-06Bump to 2.8.0Kevin McCormack
2019-01-01Bump version to 2.7.1Kevin McCormack
2018-11-17Bump vesion to 2.6.0-1Kevin McCormack
2018-10-14Update to xmr-stak 2.5.0Kevin McCormack
2018-07-20Bump version to 2.4.7Kevin McCormack
2018-06-17Bump version to 2.4.5Kevin McCormack
2018-05-08Update makedepends and bump pkgver to 2.4.3Kevin McCormack
2018-04-08Update .SRCINFOKevin McCormack
2018-04-08First commitKevin McCormack