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2022-01-27adopted, updated and correctedhaawda
2022-01-27adopted and correctedhaawda
2021-09-13add missing python-mozjpeg-lossless-optimization dependencyPopolon
2021-09-13update to version 1.1.0Popolon
2021-06-18comment build and build at install time, else it doesn't install some libsPopolon
2021-06-18remove assimp download, and change some flags in gcc compiler to allow it to ...Popolon
2021-06-13add assimp package as dependencyPopolon
2021-06-12typo on dependenciesPopolon
2021-06-12this is not apache licence (that was in pthon-* dependencies), move again at ...Popolon
2021-06-12forgot a dependencyPopolon
2021-06-12commit initialPopolon