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2022-10-16Update to 7.1.1Dušan Simić
2022-07-03Update to 7.0.7Dušan Simić
2022-07-02Update to 7.0.6Dušan Simić
2022-07-01Update to 7.0.5Dušan Simić
2022-06-28Update to 7.0.3Dušan Simić
2022-06-23Update to 7.0.2Dušan Simić
2022-06-22Fix migration to tsDušan Simić
2022-06-21Update to 7.0.1Dušan Simić
2022-06-15Update to 7.0.0Dušan Simić
2022-06-04Update to 6.2.2Dušan Simić
2022-06-03Update to 6.2.1Dušan Simić
2022-03-18Update to 6.0.3Dušan Simić
2022-03-16Update to 6.0.1Dušan Simić
2022-02-27Update to 5.2.0Dušan Simić
2022-02-17Update to 5.1.0Dušan Simić
2022-02-09Update to 5.0.0Dušan Simić
2022-01-22Update to 4.3.0Dušan Simić
2021-09-09Update to 4.2.0Dušan Simić
2021-09-06Fix typo for licenses directoryDušan Simić
2021-09-01Update to 4.1.1Dušan Simić
2021-08-28Update to 4.0.0Dušan Simić
2021-08-20Bump version to 3.1.0Dušan Simić
2021-08-16Bump version and refactor pkgbuildDušan Simić
2021-08-11Bump version to 2.1.0Dušan Simić
2021-07-05Bump version to 2.0.0Dušan Simić
2021-07-05Bump version to 1.15.2Dušan Simić
2021-06-20Bump version to 1.14.2Dušan Simić
2021-05-27Bump version to 1.14.1Dušan Simić
2021-05-27Bump version to 1.14.0Dušan Simić
2021-05-24Bump version to 1.12.0Dušan Simić
2021-05-23Bump version to 1.11.0Dušan Simić
2021-05-22Bump version to 1.10.0Dušan Simić
2021-05-22Bump version 1.9.0Dušan Simić
2021-05-19Bump version to 1.8.0Dušan Simić
2021-05-19Bump version 1.7.6Dušan Simić
2021-05-16Bump version to 1.7.0 and add gitignoreDušan Simić
2021-05-13Bump version to 1.6.0Dušan Simić
2021-05-11Add git to makedependsDušan Simić
2021-05-11Update to 1.4.0Dušan Simić
2021-05-11Update to 1.2.2Dušan Simić
2021-05-09Add nodejs as dependencyDušan Simić
2021-05-08Add pkgbuild and srcinfoDušan Simić