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2018-08-30Migrate makepkg-optimize2 into makepkg-optimize; this is the best way to deal...Que Quotion
2016-04-02Remove conftest.gcda as it is not necessary and can cause problemsQue Quotion
2016-04-01Changes to pgo were unecessary; optdepends optimization packagesQue Quotion
2016-03-25Sorry for the breakage!Que Quotion
2016-03-21Inconsistent behavior?Que Quotion
2016-03-21Some minor fixes. Most packages have no complains, but a few insistQue Quotion
2016-03-21These little mistakes, they're the result of dealing with theQue Quotion
2016-03-21I was so sure I had already fixed that....Que Quotion
2016-03-21makepkg-optimizeQue Quotion