AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
3 daysbump to 0.9.4slurpee
8 daysbump to 0.9.3slurpee
2020-02-06updating to 0.9.2slurpee
2020-01-27updating to 0.9.1slurpee
2020-01-01adds support for aarch64 and gitignoreslurpee
2019-11-09updating to 0.8.0slurpee
2019-10-30updating to 0.7.1slurpee
2019-10-23updating to 0.7.0slurpee
2019-10-10upgrading to 0.6.2slurpee
2019-09-25updated to v0.6.2slurpee
2019-05-29Bump to v0.5.6-003Claudia
2019-01-02Bump to v0.5.5Claudia Pellegrino
2018-10-09Bump to v0.5.4Claudia Pellegrino
2018-08-24Bump to v0.5.3Claudia Pellegrino
2018-08-19Bump to v0.5.2Claudia Pellegrino
2018-07-31Bump to v0.5.1Claudia Pellegrino
2018-07-12Bump to v0.5Claudia Pellegrino
2018-07-12Honor `makepkg --skippgpcheck` properlyClaudia Pellegrino
2018-07-12De-obfuscate email addressClaudia Pellegrino
2018-06-04v0.4.1, pkgrel 2 (details in full commit message)Claudia Pellegrino
2018-05-15Bump to v0.4.1Claudia Pellegrino
2018-04-11Bump to v0.4Claudia Pellegrino
2018-02-19Bump to v0.3Claudia Pellegrino
2018-01-26Bump to v0.2.1Felix Seidel
2017-09-17Add support for i686 and arm architecturesFelix Seidel
2017-09-17Add gpg checkFelix Seidel
2017-09-08Bump to v0.1.1Felix Seidel
2017-09-07Initial commitFelix Seidel