AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-21[lilac] updated to 5.6.2-2lilac
2024-04-05[lilac] updated to 5.6.2-1lilac
2024-02-24[lilac] updated to 5.6.1-4lilac
2024-01-05[lilac] updated to 5.6.1-3lilac
2023-12-13[lilac] updated to 5.6.1-1lilac
2023-11-27[lilac] updated to 5.6.0-2lilac
2023-11-26[lilac] updated to 5.6.0-1lilac
2023-08-19[lilac] updated to 5.4.0-1lilac
2023-06-29[lilac] updated to 5.2.2-2lilac
2023-02-22[lilac] updated to 5.2.2-1lilac
2022-11-24[lilac] updated to 5.2.1-1lilac
2022-11-22[lilac] updated to 5.2.0-1lilac
2022-07-20[lilac] updated to 5.0.3-3lilac
2022-07-10remove unused patch file since it's fixedButui Hu
2022-07-09[lilac] updated to 5.0.3-2lilac
2022-07-08[lilac] updated to 5.0.3-1lilac
2022-06-28[lilac] updated to 5.0.2-2lilac
2022-05-06[lilac] updated to 5.0.2-1lilac
2022-05-01[lilac] updated to 5.0.1-1lilac
2022-04-30[lilac] updated to 5.0.0-1lilac
2022-04-04set Slicer_USE_GIT_PROTOCOL=OFF, see also Hu
2021-09-19update icon urlButui Hu
2021-08-21[lilac] updated to 4.11.20210226-5lilac
2021-06-22[lilac] updated to 4.11.20210226-3lilac
2021-02-27[lilac] updated to 4.11.20210226-1lilac
2021-02-25[lilac] updated to 4.11.20200930-9lilac
2021-02-18upgrade to 4.11.20200930Butui Hu
2019-06-24New versionRoosted7
2019-03-07New versionRoosted7
2018-10-30Update version to 4.10.0Roosted7
2018-08-21Update version to 4.8.1Roosted7
2017-11-20Update to v4.8.0Christopher Mullins
2017-02-11Update to v4.6.2Christopher Mullins
2016-01-18Add desktop file and icon.Christopher Mullins
2016-01-05Update to 4.5.0Christopher Mullins
2015-06-15Initial commit. (AUR migration)Tomáš Mládek