AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-08-13bump versionTimo Sarawinski
2017-08-13added pkgverTimo Sarawinski
2017-07-25added warning for older codebaseTimo Sarawinski
2017-03-27new version compiles with kernel 4.11Timo2
2017-03-06use /usr/lib instead of /lib nowTimo Sarawinski
2017-02-17updated package version. latest commit will disable debug outputmuhviehstah
2016-10-15changed module path like other the other packages with this module. changed f...muhviehstah
2016-10-15initial linux 4.8 enabled versionTimo Sarawinski
2016-10-15builds on kernel 4.8Timo Sarawinski