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2018-10-17Dependencies updated according to INSTALL.Mikael Blomstrand
2018-10-02License updateMikael Blomstrand
2018-06-21Update to 2.3Mikael Blomstrand
2018-04-09sha256 checksumsMikael Blomstrand
2018-04-09Updated to version 2.2.Mikael Blomstrand
2017-06-17Updated to version 2.1.Jerome M. Berger
2016-03-19Updated to version 1.99.17.Jerome M. BERGER
2015-11-10Added forgotten .SRCINFOJerome M. BERGER
2015-11-10Updated to version 1.99.14.Jerome M. BERGER
2015-07-08First inclusion into repos.Jerome M. BERGER