AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
37 hoursUpdated to version 1.16.0Vladislav Titov
2024-02-13Updated to version 1.15.12Vladislav Titov
2024-02-08Updated to version 1.15.11Vladislav Titov
2024-02-08Updated to version 1.15.10Vladislav Titov
2024-02-06Updated to version 1.15.9Vladislav Titov
2024-02-01Version 1.15.8 updatedVladislav Titov
2024-02-01Version 1.15.8Vladislav Titov
2023-12-25Version 1.15.2Vladislav Titov
2023-10-12Checksum was updatedVladislav Titov
2023-10-12Updated to release 1.11.1Vladislav Titov
2023-10-04PKGBUILD was updated with provides and conflictsVladislav Titov
2023-09-21Initial commitVladislav Titov