AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-08Downgrade libx11 to 1.6.9géballin
2020-10-13 is down so replace it by http://archlinux.arkena...géballin
2020-04-12Add the old version of libffi cause the new one break compatibility with old ...géballin
2020-04-07Can't access to anymore (dead ?).géballin
2020-03-11Adding dependencies listed by valkheim.géballin
2020-02-19Updating librsvg path.géballin
2020-02-06Add libxt and libidn to let minimal dependencies.géballin
2020-02-06Adding oldlibs on install to fix versions and continue to use obsolete libs j...géballin
2020-01-18Add librsvg, gdk-pixbuf2, libxml2 as fixed version from archived versions.géballin
2019-08-01Adding pango to the list of oldlibs since the 1.44 break compatibility.géballin
2019-07-16Correcting the harfbuzz and glib2 url.géballin
2018-10-12update pkgdescTucker Boniface
2018-08-30PKGBUILD overhaulTucker Boniface
2018-08-26old harfbuzz and glib DLed from archive and bundledTucker Boniface
2017-06-15possible fix for crash problem on 64bitG. Schlisio
2016-05-18.SRCINFO updatedGeorg Schlisio
2016-05-18checksum updated, desktop file updated, crash note added, moved to hooksGeorg Schlisio
2015-07-089.5.5, moved from aur3Georg Schlisio