AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-03-30Patch makefile to use C/LD flags, fix licensesStephen Gregoratto
2018-11-18Add sdl2 as dependancy. oopsStephen Gregoratto
2018-05-21Change descritionStephen Gregoratto
2018-02-10Replace provides w/ conflicts, better version retrievalStephen Gregoratto
2018-01-26Change maintainer email addressStephen Gregoratto
2018-01-11Use origin/release tags for pkgver() after discussion with authorStephen Gregoratto
2018-01-08Add proper detection of pkgver(). Also, death to regexStephen Gregoratto
2018-01-07Remove second descriptionStephen Gregoratto
2018-01-07Add GPL2+ license for DOSBox OPL3 EmulatorStephen Gregoratto
2018-01-07Fixed build() by using `install`. OopsStephen Gregoratto
2018-01-07Initial PKGBUILDStephen Gregoratto