AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2016-11-21Removed version-specific dependency requirements to enable easier upgrading ↵James An
when packages may be briefly out-of-sync re: version.
2016-11-20Updated to latest upstream version and updated sudoers file for the aegir ↵James An
user to use the updated systemctl unit command.
2016-08-18Changed dependency version requirement to equal as >= doesn't work with ↵James An
version strings like '7.x_3.6'.
2016-08-18Updated to latest upstream release and changed php-fpm to listen to a socket ↵James An
file rather than a loopback address.
2016-08-05Upgraded to using PHP 7.James An
2016-08-05Moved aegir home to /var folder as its variable data.James An
2016-07-26Added version strings to aegir component dependencies and removed the ↵James An
pkgver() function.
2016-07-24Downgraded PHP dependency from PHP 7 to PHP 5.6 as Drupal 7 and Aegir are ↵James An
not yet free of bugs.
2016-04-19Bumped version string to align with upstream latest release.James An
2015-12-17Fixed incorrect target name for the .ssh folder between the aegir and http ↵James An
user home directories.
2015-12-17Added missing installation command for previous commit's PHP configuration file.James An
2015-12-08Added php.ini conf file to set PHP setting as recommended by Drupal.James An
2015-11-17Reverted file permission to default: u+rw,go+r.James An
2015-11-17Added a basic .gitignore file to exclude typical upstream source files.James An
2015-11-17Addd system-wide http group-writable shared cache folders.James An
2015-11-11Release number bump for previous commit.James An
2015-11-11Added post-install/upgrade statements to force a system-wide shared drush ↵James An
2015-11-11Fixed pathname expansion bug in enumerating Aegir directories.James An
2015-11-11Updated .SRCINFO to match PKGBUILD.James An
2015-11-11Increment release number for previous commit.James An
2015-11-11Changed install file to create aegir user on both package install and upgrade.James An
2015-11-11Fixed package() function by adding missing /etc/skel to $pkgdir prior to its ↵James An
2015-11-11Updated .SRCINFO using mkaurball command.James An
2015-11-11Fix pre/post_upgrade() functions in install file to return true regardless ↵James An
outcome of its control statement.
2015-11-11Version bump.James An
2015-11-11Added a few more aegir-related folders to the package manifest and fixed ↵James An
some folder permissions to values preferred by aegir.
2015-08-08Changed the aegir root to be inside the /usr/share/webapps folder, changed ↵James An
the Aegir user to share UID with the HTTP user, and set up Aegir setup process to only require a couple of shell commands.
2015-08-05Refactored package to work better out-of-the-box.James An
2015-08-04Fixed installation bugs.James An
2015-08-04Moved all systemd unit changes to their own aegir service units, set aegir ↵James An
user as an alias use of http, and reorganised PHP/-FPM configurations.
2015-07-25Updated to latest version and modified systemd unit files to be more resilient.James An
2015-07-02Added .gitignore to filter out upstream source files.James An
2015-06-30Added support for ruby-mailcatcher as the smtp-forwarder for the aegir ↵James An
package and added a unique system user for the aegir package.
2015-06-30Changed aegir package to further automate basic configuration of such a web ↵James An
2015-06-30Added to aegir post-install check for outgoing mail functionality and ↵James An
post-update commands to rearrange passwd and group database so aegir takes precedence over http, which it shares both gid and uid.
2015-06-30Changed aegir config files and rewrote the install file with consistent ↵James An
2015-06-30Added new aegir AUR package for Aegir Systemd target.James An
2015-06-30Added incomplete draft of Aegir package.James An