AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-03Updated to latest upstream release.James An
2017-02-21Changed installation file inclusion into a whitelist model and moved all non-...James An
2017-01-27Updated to the latest upstream release.James An
2016-12-19Updated to latest upstream beta release, 7.x-3.9-beta1.James An
2016-11-20Removed commented out lines.James An
2016-11-20Updated to latest upstream version and included symlinks for all doc files no...James An
2016-08-18Updated to latest upstream release.James An
2016-07-26Added source to PKGBUILD instead of using drush to fetch it, removed pkgver()...James An
2016-07-19Updated to latest upstream commit and updated set of files to install.James An
2016-04-19Changed PHP configuration to be compatible with PHP 7.x and updated version t...James An
2015-11-18Changed drush commands to fetch for Drupal 7, as 8 just became the default ma...James An
2015-11-17Reverted file permission to default: u+rw,go+r.James An
2015-11-17Added a basic .gitignore file to exclude typical upstream source files.James An
2015-11-17Updated .SRCINFO for previous commit.James An
2015-11-17Upstream version bump.James An
2015-08-04Removed patch files already included with the upstream.James An
2015-08-02Re-added pkgver() function to PKGBUILD.James An
2015-08-02Updated to latest upstream version.James An
2015-07-25Updated to latest version, streamlined installation commands, and removed pat...James An
2015-07-11Added support for drush 8.James An
2015-07-02Added .gitignore to filter out upstream source files.James An
2015-06-20Merge branch 'aur4/aegir-provision' of /home/Documents/VCS/ An
2015-06-07Added to aegir-provision an ini file to enable ext-posix and updated to lates...James An
2015-04-30Upgraded aegir packages to their latest release.James An
2015-02-13Added drush minimum version requirement to aegir-hostmaster and aegir-provisi...James An
2015-02-12Removed source to be downloaded with drush and further automated aegir-provis...James An
2015-01-04Updated aegir-provision and aegir-hostmaster packages to latest upstream vers...James An
2014-12-09Upgraded aegir-hostmaster and aegir-provision to latest upstream release.James An
2014-09-16Fixed aegir pkgs and added post-install instructions to complete its setup.James An
2014-09-09Finalised aegir-provision for first AUR release.James An
2014-09-06Added aegir-hostmaster package and pruned aegir-provision to just its drush e...James An
2014-08-31Renamed aegir2 packages to aegir and completed aegir-provision package.James An