AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
12 daysUpdate metadataarch1t3cht
12 daysAdopt and fix build with boost 1.81.0arch1t3cht
2022-08-20Fix runtime warning "The second argument passed to StartStyling should be 0"Qirui Wang
2022-08-16Use wxwidgets 3.2Qirui Wang
2020-02-23Fix build failure for wxWidgets 3.0Qirui Wang
2020-02-23Fix building with make 4.3Qirui Wang
2019-03-05update aegisub-gitMaxime Gauduin
2018-03-16Fix aegisub-gitMaxime Gauduin
2017-12-22No more i686Maxime Gauduin
2017-06-05aegisub-git 3.2.2.r305.8d3ad9ff6-1Maxime Gauduin
2017-05-03aegisub-git 3.2.2.r303.3594ade71-1Maxime Gauduin
2017-04-29Delete all MKPKG and add missing pantheon makedependsMaxime Gauduin
2016-05-06aegisub-git 3.2.2.r293.0e8bc44-1Maxime Gauduin
2016-03-12aegisub-git 3.2.2.r277.26fea0e-1Maxime Gauduin
2015-06-08Initial importMaxime Gauduin