AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-09Updates agent-transfer to 0.44sValo
2018-10-26Uses HTTPS to fetch sourcessValo
2018-10-19Updates agent-transfer to 42.1sValo
2016-12-09Updates agent transfer to 0.41sValo
2016-09-02Updates to 0.39sValo
2016-06-23Uniforms variable usesValo
2016-06-23Updates .SRCINFO filesValo
2016-06-23Removes pkgdir references from buildsValo
2016-06-23Removes gcc makedepends as it's in base-develsValo
2016-06-23Adjusts dependency as for namcap suggestionssValo
2016-06-23Removes creation of /var/lib/monkeyspheresValo
2016-06-23Initial work on agent-transfersValo