AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-07-30Init submodules in a sane mannerDan Beste
2017-07-10Update modeline and .SRCINFODan Beste
2017-07-10Update PKGBUILDDan Beste
2017-06-04Update PKGBUILDDan Beste
2017-04-24PKGBUILD cleanupDan Beste
2017-02-18Allow ssh or https downloadsDan Beste
2017-02-18Clean PKGBUILDDan Beste
2016-04-04April 4th, 2016 updateFrederic Bezies
2016-02-16February 16, 2016 updateFrederic Bezies
2015-12-26PKGBUILD clean upFrederic Bezies
2015-11-15november 15, 2015 updateFrederic Bezies
2015-10-19adopted and cleaned it up a littleFrederic Bezies
2015-09-05conflict with agsAinola
2015-08-08migrate from AUR3Ainola