AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-05-19New upstream version 2.6.1Felix Kauselmann
2019-03-15New upstream releaseFelix Kauselmann
2019-02-22Update to 2.5.1Felix Kauselmann
2019-02-02Fix compilation with boost 1.69.0Felix Kauselmann
2018-12-25Update to new versionFelix Kauselmann
2018-11-06Update to 2.4.0Felix Kauselmann
2018-10-18Revert PKGBUILD back to websocketFelix Kauselmann
2018-06-08Fix buildFelix Kauselmann
2018-03-19update .SRCINFOAki Legaspi
2018-03-19Update dependencies and package versionAki Legaspi
2017-03-29update to 1.4.1Drosera Sprout
2016-12-08bump version, add missing deps and archsdroserasprout
2016-09-27fix source stringdroserasprout
2016-09-26add git makedependdroserasprout
2016-09-26fix source to fetch 1.3.0 tag instead of masterdroserasprout
2016-09-26Update to 1.3.0droserasprout
2016-08-25add cmake as makedependdroserasprout
2016-08-25initial commitdroserasprout