AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-20pkgrel++; git clone > source (patlefort); pkgdescOpenSorcerer
2023-06-12pkgver++, add transient depsOpenSorcerer
2022-12-11pkgver bump: New version 1.2.1OpenSorcerer
2022-03-24pkgver bump: New version 1.2.0OpenSorcerer
2021-10-11pkgrel bump: Add wget to makedepends (Nixian)OpenSorcerer
2021-06-07pkgver bump: New version v1.1.0OpenSorcerer
2021-06-04pkgrel bump: Another set of hotfixesOpenSorcerer
2021-06-04pkgrel bump: Hotfix for relative paths inOpenSorcerer
2021-06-04pkgrel bump: change crypto++ to a runtime dependencyOpenSorcerer
2021-04-20pkgrel bump: Add license placement, conflict with beta-bin package, clarify i...OpenSorcerer
2021-04-20pkgrel bump: Remove cmake from makedepends; don't enable and start bluetit on...OpenSorcerer
2021-04-17pkgrel bump: Also place docs, conflict with other packages providing hummingbirdOpenSourcerer
2021-04-17Fix Bluetit configuration permissions; bump pkgrelOpenSourcerer
2021-04-17Initial commitOpenSourcerer