AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
13 dayspkgrel++; use sysusers.d for account creationOpenSorcerer
2023-09-19pkgver++, +_prstage, +_prver, install: +pre_installOpenSorcerer
2023-06-11pkgver++, depends: +glibc +gcc-libs, -curl, makedepends: +curl, new urlOpenSorcerer
2022-12-11pkgver bump: New version 1.2.1OpenSorcerer
2022-03-24pkgrel bump: Version 1.2.0 production releaseOpenSorcerer
2022-03-17pkgrel bump: New version v1.2.0 RC3OpenSorcerer
2022-03-08pkgrel bump: v1.2.0 RC 2 releasedOpenSorcerer
2022-02-15pkgrel bump: Forgot to bump it with the version changeOpenSorcerer
2022-02-15pkgver bump: New version 1.2.0 RC 1OpenSorcerer
2022-02-08pkgver bump: New version 1.2.0 Beta 1OpenSorcerer
2021-06-04pkgver bump: New 1.1.0 releaseOpenSorcerer
2021-05-19pkgrel: Fix Bluetit configuration placementOpenSorcerer
2021-05-14pkgrel fix: Actually bump itOpenSorcerer
2021-05-14pkgrel bump: RC4 releaseOpenSorcerer
2021-04-20Initial commitOpenSorcerer