AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-28Fix sha256sum; upstream release was probably re-tagged after releaseBart De Vries
2021-02-23Update to upstream version 1.5.0Bart De Vries
2020-06-17Update to upstream version 1.4.0Bart De Vries
2020-06-16Update to upstream version 1.3.0Bart De Vries
2020-01-30Update to upstream version 1.2.4Bart De Vries
2019-10-27Update to version 1.2.2.Bart De Vries
2018-07-31Remove git as make dependency.Bart De Vries
2018-07-31Create package for aixlog. Upstream version is 1.2.1.Bart De Vries