AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-18Fix Readme.html capitalization changejakob
2021-06-29v8.21 & URL, description, Maintainer updatejakob
2020-03-29pkgver 7.103jakob
2019-09-18pkgver 7.100jakob
2019-01-28pkgver 7.90jakob
2018-10-14Fixed pkgrel fix, oopsjakob
2018-10-14Fix weird pkgrel in PKGBUILDjakob
2018-10-14Remove install filejakob
2018-09-10pkgver 7.81jakob
2018-05-06pkgver 7.80jakob
2016-11-20Remove dependency on rpmextract in favor of libarchive bsdtar.Ido Rosen
2016-11-20Update aksusbd to 7.51.Ido Rosen
2016-08-15Fixed faulty sha256 checksum.Ido Rosen
2016-08-11I may have made it too secure...Ido Rosen
2016-08-07Fixed systemd service file issues.Ido Rosen
2016-08-07Don't strip symbols.Ido Rosen
2016-08-06Fixed aksusbd.install.Ido Rosen
2016-08-06Fixed typo.Ido Rosen
2016-08-06Update systemd service start script for hasplmd.Ido Rosen
2016-08-06Rewrote most of the aksusbd PKGBUILD to comply with best practices. Deprecat...Ido Rosen
2016-08-06Fixed installation message.Ido Rosen
2016-08-06Update to 7.40.Ido Rosen
2015-06-09Initial importAlexander Konarev