AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-06Switched to dedicated repository in order to simplify keeping the PR up to da...Christopher Hasse
2022-10-22temporary fix to applying the sixel patchChristopher Hasse
2022-10-19update SRCINFOChristopher Hasse
2022-10-19specify how to reconcile divergent basesChristopher Hasse
2022-10-19Switch to applying the PR directlyChristopher Hasse
2022-10-17Update appdata.xml pathChristopher Hasse
2022-01-23add gitignoreVladimír Magyar
2022-01-23add gitignoreVladimír Magyar
2022-01-23alacritty-sixelVladimír Magyar
2022-01-22Initial commitNik Rozman
2019-05-24Initial commitStoyan Minaev
2019-05-23Try to fix pkgbase issueStoyan Minaev
2019-05-23First release of pocketbook-pro-sdk-linux packageStoyan Minaev
2019-04-28Update 2019-04-28 15:42Murat Çileli
2019-04-28Update 2019-04-28 15:41Murat Çileli
2019-04-28Initial commitMurat Çileli
2019-04-28Update 2019-04-28 15:19Murat Çileli
2019-03-02Update 02.03.2019-11:50Murat Çileli
2019-02-25fixed both filesStoyan Minaev
2019-02-25fixed both filesStoyan Minaev
2019-02-25fixed both filesStoyan Minaev
2019-02-25fixed package() funcStoyan Minaev
2019-02-25грбаный аурStoyan Minaev
2019-02-25fixed pkgbase againStoyan Minaev
2019-02-25fixed pkgbaseStoyan Minaev
2019-02-25useful commit messageStoyan Minaev