AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 dayslong-overdue updateXenHat
9 daysupdate gitignoreXenHat
2023-10-13new templateXenHat
2023-07-19bump pagkage versionXenHat
2023-07-19update pkgbuildXenHat
2023-05-22update depsXenhat Hex
2023-05-22cleanupXenhat Hex
2023-05-22update to template-based PKGBUILDXenhat Hex
2023-05-22create package without systemdXenhat Hex
2023-05-21add editorconfig and get out of formatting hellXenHat
2023-05-19add xdg-desktop-portal as a dependencyXenHat
2023-05-19formatting & stuffXenHat
2023-05-09commit .SRCINFO because i'm an airheadXenHat
2023-05-09LTO is broken, do not use it.XenHat
2023-05-09update checksum...XenHat
2023-05-09don't fail if ulimit cannot be modifiedXenHat
2023-04-06add provides=alchemy-viewerXenHat
2023-04-03bump package version to update peopleXenHat
2023-04-03Official toolchain uses cmake and ninja from pip. Let's do that.XenHat
2023-04-03shfmt, no functional changesXenHat
2023-04-03Push changes to the AURXenHat
2023-04-03Toolchain workXenHat
2023-04-032GB per process does work!XenHat
2023-04-03enable testsXenHat
2023-03-27Commit package changes. Hopefully nothing breaks.XenHat
2023-03-27Install autobuild and dependencies every time.XenHat
2023-03-27Tentative fix for autobuild re-installing every buildXenHat
2023-03-27Tentative re-write of the linker memory usage workaroundXenHat
2023-03-27use march=native for git build to get best performanceXenHat
2023-03-27Commit package update to AURXenHat
2023-03-27Log message tweakingXenHat
2023-03-27Fix: off-by-one loop iteration errorXenHat
2023-03-27Fix: Compute job count from available memory instead of free memoryXenHat
2023-03-21update ci scriptXenHat
2023-03-21chore: LTO is broken (sic)XenHat
2023-03-21fixed: Clang build is broken againXenHat
2023-02-23fix git tag when using custom branchXenHat
2023-02-02update PKGBUILD with new generated version to prevent confusionXenHat
2023-02-02update pkgbuild to better conform to packaging guidelinesXenHat
2023-02-02don't reset repo when building ci (for testing fixes)XenHat
2023-02-02switch to clang++ and enable LTOXenHat
2023-01-18better ci fixesXenHat
2023-01-18update build scripts for CIXenHat
2022-12-28update packageXenHat
2022-12-28Add precision about available memoryXenHat
2022-12-28Update dependenciesXenHat
2022-12-23update schedtool usageXenHat
2022-12-22update ci.bash againXenHat
2022-12-22update ci.bashXenHat