AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-16Add python-pexpect to checkdependsTim Lagnese
2024-03-14Add transitive dep to .build.ymlTim Lagnese
2024-03-13Remove bootstrap debug symbols in .build.ymlTim Lagnese
2024-03-13Update .build.yml with python-sphinxTim Lagnese
2024-03-13Update .build.yml depsTim Lagnese
2024-03-13Update to 2.0.0Tim Lagnese
2023-06-03Fix build on GCC 13.1Tim Lagnese
2023-01-15Update alire to 1.2.2Tim Lagnese
2022-12-04Fix gnatcoll core directory and build flagsTim Lagnese
2022-09-03Update alire to 1.2.1Tim Lagnese
2022-06-05Update alire to 1.2.0Tim Lagnese
2022-02-07Remove tests until I understand why they can failTim Lagnese
2022-02-07Remove e3 dependencyTim Lagnese
2022-02-06Add e3 testsuite build dependencyTim Lagnese
2022-02-05Add built alr to path for checksTim Lagnese
2022-02-04Add python-e3-testsuite build dependencyTim Lagnese
2022-02-04Add check functionTim Lagnese
2022-02-04Add bash completions, and update build manifestTim Lagnese
2022-02-04Add unzip for installing dependencies through alireTim Lagnese
2022-01-31Update to 1.1.2Tim Lagnese
2021-10-26Update to 1.1.1Tim Lagnese
2021-10-26Fix installTim Lagnese
2021-10-26Add install to build manifestTim Lagnese
2021-09-16Add gnatcoll-core dependencyTim Lagnese
2021-09-16Revert "Remove gnatcoll-core dependency in build"Tim Lagnese
2021-09-16Remove gnatcoll-core dependency in buildTim Lagnese
2021-09-16Update to 1.1.0Tim Lagnese
2021-08-04Add build manifestTim Lagnese
2021-06-24Update to 1.0.1Tim Lagnese
2021-06-07Use patch tool for patchingTim Lagnese
2021-06-06Update package releaseTim Lagnese
2021-06-06Fix dependencies and build with latest GCCTim Lagnese
2021-03-25Remove submodulesTim Lagnese
2021-03-24Fix SRCINFO and PKGBUILD for tarballTim Lagnese
2021-03-24Update to v1.0.0Tim Lagnese
2021-02-16Initial ada alire package manager 0.7.1Tim Lagnese