AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-14Merge pull request #1 from tdfacer/update-to-3.0.74Trevor Facer
2021-05-14Upgrade package to v3.0.74Trevor Facer
2020-03-31Bump aliyun-cli version to 3.0.37Trevor Facer
2020-01-14Bump aliyun-cli version to 3.0.32Trevor Facer
2019-12-19Bump aliyun-cli version to 3.0.31Trevor Facer
2019-11-15Add publishing notes to READMETrevor Facer
2019-11-15Update .SRCINFO for version 3.0.30Trevor Facer
2019-11-15Bump aliyun-cli version to 3.0.30Trevor Facer
2019-11-02Add READMETrevor Facer
2019-11-02Add gitignoreTrevor Facer
2019-11-02Add PKGBUILD for aliyun-cli-bin AUR pkgTrevor Facer