AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-03-19Increment pkgrelChristoph Heiss
2023-03-19Add patch adding MODULE_VERSION() to fix dkms issueChristoph Heiss
2022-12-27Update alx and patch to linux-6.1-arch1Christoph Heiss
2022-12-27Add .gitignore fileChristoph Heiss
2021-09-08Update driver from upstream and maintainer info.Christoph Heiss
2019-12-03alx-wol-dkms: update .SRCINFOedward-p
2019-12-03alx-wol-dkms: switch to linux-5.4.1-arch1edward-p
2019-10-06switch to tag: 5.3.4-arch1 && add missing urledward-p
2019-09-23using kernel_tag && bump version (5 represents 5.x)edward-p
2019-06-15Using latest alx driver from
2018-07-15fix softlinks in /usr/src/Kurobac
2017-12-26Bump version to 2angelsl
2017-12-26Fix source URLangelsl
2017-12-26Initial commitangelsl