AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-06-01Updated version to 23Vedran Miletić
2022-12-09Fix dependenciesTarn W. Burton
2022-12-09Update versionTarn W. Burton
2021-06-21Use GCC10Viktor Drobot
2021-05-04AmberTools21Viktor Drobot
2020-12-13Python 3.9 rebuildViktor Drobot
2020-11-15Add support for CUDA 11.1Viktor Drobot
2020-09-03Use system Boost. New updates from ambermd.orgViktor Drobot
2020-08-20New updates from Hide development warningsViktor Drobot
2020-08-12Fix GCC and Python versionViktor Drobot
2020-08-11Use openmpi-gcc9 from nowViktor Drobot
2020-05-26Add default version for env modulesViktor Drobot
2020-05-26Remove tests from distribViktor Drobot
2020-05-26Add explicit make stepViktor Drobot
2020-05-26Fix ver infoViktor Drobot
2020-05-26Fix installation pathViktor Drobot
2020-05-26Fix Fortran depsViktor Drobot
2020-05-26Add missing gcc8-fortran dependencyViktor Drobot
2020-05-26AmberTools20 releaseViktor Drobot
2020-02-11amber group isn't needed anymoreViktor Drobot
2019-11-20Update for GCC 8Viktor Drobot
2019-09-19Fixed checksumsDrobot Viktor
2019-09-17Reverted some changes with LD_LIBRARY_PATHDrobot Viktor
2019-09-17Revert "Fixed issue with libtool"Drobot Viktor
2019-09-17Fixed issue with libtoolDrobot Viktor
2019-08-16Forgot SRCINFODrobot Viktor
2019-08-16Fixed PKGBUILD. Use internal NetCDF instead of officialDrobot Viktor
2019-05-05Fixed licenseDrobot Viktor
2019-05-05First releaseDrobot Viktor