AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-06Bump version to 4.4.2Thomas Sarboni
2021-04-16Bump version to 4.4.1Thomas Sarboni
2021-03-18Bump version to 4.4.0Thomas Sarboni
2020-12-23Bump version to 4.2.5Thomas Sarboni
2020-11-05Bump version to 4.2.4Thomas Sarboni
2020-09-02Bump version to 4.2.2Thomas Sarboni
2020-08-20Bump version to 4.2.1Thomas Sarboni
2020-02-14Bump version to 4.1.1Thomas Sarboni
2020-01-10Bump version to 4.1.0Thomas Sarboni
2019-12-09Bump version to 4.0.4Thomas Sarboni
2019-11-28Bump version to 4.0.3Thomas Sarboni
2019-11-26Bump version to 4.0.2Thomas Sarboni
2018-12-10Update sha256sums afetr re-release of ampache 3.9.0Thomas Sarboni
2018-10-25Add forgotten SCRINFOThomas Sarboni
2018-10-22Updated to 3.9.0Thomas Sarboni
2018-07-24Updated to 3.8.9Thomas Sarboni
2018-06-19Updated to 3.8.8Thomas Sarboni
2018-06-17Updated to 3.8.7Thomas Sarboni
2018-03-05Updated to 3.8.6Thomas Sarboni
2018-01-31Updated to 3.8.5Thomas Sarboni
2017-12-22Fix sha256sums after an update of the release on githubThomas Sarboni
2017-12-11Correct permissions on directoriesThomas Sarboni
2017-12-08Updated to 3.8.4Thomas Sarboni
2017-07-21Correct sha256sums after a rebuild a ampache 3.8.3Thomas Sarboni
2017-06-24Updated to 3.8.3Thomas Sarboni
2017-05-17Correct a typo in ampache.installThomas Sarboni
2017-02-23Add info about missing needed php modules (gd and gettext)Thomas Sarboni
2016-04-20Updated to fit Packaging GuidelinesThomas Sarboni
2016-02-08Updated to 3.8.2Thomas Sarboni
2015-12-18All depencies now shipped in archiveThomas Sarboni
2015-12-18Updated to 3.8.1Thomas Sarboni
2015-07-22correct nginx example checksumThomas Sarboni
2015-07-20Updated nginx example and install fileThomas Sarboni
2015-07-17Corrected an error in nginx exampleThomas Sarboni
2015-07-17Corrected an error in ampache.installThomas Sarboni
2015-07-17Added missing nginx exampleThomas Sarboni
2015-07-17Correct an error in ampache.installThomas Sarboni
2015-07-17Updated to fit ampache-git packageThomas Sarboni
2015-07-17Initial importThomas Sarboni