AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-12-09Add support for aarch64Carlos Aznarán
2023-09-30Auto updated to 2023.09.0Auto update bot
2023-09-27Auto updated to 2023.07.2Auto update bot
2023-07-16Update checksum for anaconda-navigator.desktopCarlos Aznarán Laos
2023-07-15Replace mesa-libgl by mesaCarlos Aznarán Laos
2023-07-15Fix pathCarlos Aznarán Laos
2023-07-15Bump version to 2023.07.1Carlos Aznarán Laos
2023-06-02Auto updated to 2023.03Auto update bot
2023-04-21Support .desktop for anaconda-navigatorCarlos Aznarán Laos
2023-03-20Bump version to 2023.03Carlos Aznarán Laos
2022-10-20Use quotes for safe installationsCarlos Aznarán Laos
2022-10-18auto updated to 2022.10Auto update bot
2022-10-13Add optional dependencies for anaconda navigatorCarlos Aznarán Laos
2022-09-12Add provides condaCarlos Aznarán Laos
2022-09-03Bump version to 2022.05Carlos Aznarán Laos
2022-05-08Update version to 2021.11kastik
2021-05-20upgraded to 2021.05Jingbei Li
2020-11-30upgraded to 2020.11Jingbei Li
2020-08-17removed external appsJingbei Li
2020-07-31upgraded to 2020.07Jingbei Li
2020-03-17upgraded to 2020.02Jingbei Li
2019-10-18upgraded to 2019.10Jingbei Li
2019-07-29updated licenseJingbei Li
2019-07-29fixed buildJingbei Li
2019-07-29upgraded to 2019.07Jingbei Li
2019-04-15upgraded to 2019.03Jingbei Li
2019-01-04upgraded to 2018.12Jingbei Li
2018-10-10upgraded to 5.3.0Jingbei Li
2018-06-03upgraded to 5.2.0Jingbei Li
2018-02-24upgraded to 5.1.0Jingbei Li
2017-10-31updated to 5.0.1Jingbei Li
2017-10-21re-patch correctlyJingbei Li
2017-10-16rm Li
2017-10-16strip $pkgdir everywhereJingbei Li
2017-10-14updated to 5.0.0Jingbei Li
2017-08-26add staticlibs to optionsJingbei Li
2017-06-12Updated to 4.4.0Jingbei Li
2017-03-25Updated to 4.3.1Jingbei Li
2017-02-12mksrcinfoIsmaël Bouya
2017-02-12Upgrade to 4.3.0Ismaël Bouya
2017-01-04correct premissionsJingbei Li
2016-11-01add anaconda.installJingbei Li
2016-10-29fixed Li
2016-10-25fix file hashIsmaël Bouya
2016-10-25Upgrade to 4.2.0 by PetronIsmaël Bouya
2016-06-29Upgrade to 4.1.0Ismaël Bouya
2016-04-05Upgrade to Anaconda 4.0.0Ismaël Bouya
2016-02-22Upgrade to Anaconda 2.5.0Ismaël Bouya
2015-12-14Upgrade to Anaconda 2.4.1Ismaël Bouya
2015-11-27Fix python version in patchIsmaël Bouya