AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-22Set ANDROID_SDK_ROOT in addition to the old ANDROID_HOME.Hai Zhang
2020-09-30Update my name.Hai Zhang
2017-10-01Minor refactoring.Zhang Hai
2017-10-01Minor refactoring.Zhang Hai
2017-10-01Update to 26.1.1.Zhang Hai
2017-06-24Update .SRCINFO.Zhang Hai
2017-06-22Refactor dependencies.Zhang Hai
2017-05-06Update to 26.0.2.Zhang Hai
2017-04-19Reformat code.Zhang Hai
2017-04-19Reorder entries.Zhang Hai
2017-04-19Add optional dependency on android-emulator.Zhang Hai
2017-04-19Remove defunct files and code.Zhang Hai
2017-04-19Use new Material Design Android icon.Zhang Hai
2017-04-18Update pkgver to roll out the update.Zhang Hai
2017-04-18Minor refactoring.Zhang Hai
2017-04-18Update to 26.0.1.Zhang Hai
2017-03-01Add a directory to the PATHAlexander F Rødseth
2017-01-25bumpAlexander F Rødseth
2016-12-16UpgradeAlexander F Rødseth
2016-11-27Upgrade to 25.2.3Alexander F Rødseth
2016-09-05Update to 25.2.2 + remove dep that is no longer neededAlexander F Rødseth
2016-08-06Update to 25.2.1Alexander F Rødseth
2016-06-30Unset ANDROID_SWTAlexander F Rødseth
2016-06-05Update icon (source image changed)Alexander F Rødseth
2016-05-20New versionAlexander F Rødseth
2016-05-14Remove libstdc++Alexander F Rødseth
2016-04-29New versionAlexander F Rødseth
2016-04-18Add dependencyAlexander F Rødseth
2016-04-13Update hash sumAlexander F Rødseth
2016-04-12Update desktop fileAlexander F Rødseth
2015-10-22Update to 24.4.1Alexander F Rødseth
2015-10-04Add lib32-pulse and lib32-fontconfig.Alexander F Rødseth
2015-08-20Update to the latest version.Alexander F Rødseth
2015-07-01Fetch the icon from a different locationAlexander Rødseth
2015-07-01Added missing fileAlexander Rødseth
2015-06-30Upgrade to 24.3.3Alexander Rødseth
2015-06-10Initial importAlexander F Rødseth