AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-13Fix package.xml locationHai Zhang
2024-03-05Update to 13.0Hai Zhang
2024-01-01Update to 12.0 and add package.xml.Hai Zhang
2023-08-04Update to 11.0.Hai Zhang
2023-02-09Update to 9.0.Hai Zhang
2022-11-11Update to 8.0.Hai Zhang
2022-05-17Update to 7.0.Hai Zhang
2022-03-22Set ANDROID_SDK_ROOT in addition to the old ANDROID_HOME.Hai Zhang
2022-02-09Update to 6.0.Hai Zhang
2021-07-29Update to 5.0.Hai Zhang
2021-04-28Update to 4.0.Hai Zhang
2020-10-28Fix packaging.Hai Zhang
2020-10-26Update to 3.0.Hai Zhang
2020-06-27Update to 2.1.Hai Zhang
2020-06-08Run mksrcinfo.Hai Zhang
2020-05-31Update to 2.0.Hai Zhang
2020-03-11Add 1.0.Hai Zhang