AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-22Sync with android-sdk on setting ANDROID_SDK_ROOT.Hai Zhang
2020-09-30Update my name.Hai Zhang
2017-09-19Slight refactor on pkgdesc.Zhang Hai
2017-06-22Follow upstream.Zhang Hai
2017-04-19Update to 26.0.1.Zhang Hai
2017-03-10Fix checksums due to upstream changes and update version.Zhang Hai
2016-09-08Remove dependency on ncurses5-compat-libs as upstream; Update to 25.2.2.Zhang Hai
2016-07-04Update version and upstream checksum.Zhang Hai
2016-06-01Fix sources.Zhang Hai
2016-06-01Rename file.Zhang Hai
2016-06-01Update android logo.Zhang Hai
2016-06-01Update checksums; Add libstdc++ message to .install.Zhang Hai
2016-06-01Update Android icon.Zhang Hai
2016-05-14Update to 25.1.6.Zhang Hai
2016-04-27Update for 25.1.3.Zhang Hai
2016-04-19Add dependency on ncurses5-compat-libs.Zhang Hai
2016-04-15Upstream fixed desktop file.Zhang Hai
2016-04-09Initial commit.Zhang Hai