AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-03Update to 30.0.5.Hai Zhang
2020-09-30Update my name.Hai Zhang
2020-08-07Update to 30.0.4.Hai Zhang
2020-06-20Update to 30.0.3.Hai Zhang
2020-06-04Update to 30.0.2.Hai Zhang
2020-05-10Update to 30.0.1.Hai Zhang
2020-04-24Update to 30.0.0.Hai Zhang
2020-02-20Update to 29.0.6.Hai Zhang
2019-11-06Update to 29.0.5.Hai Zhang
2019-09-13Update to 29.0.4.Hai Zhang
2019-09-10Update to 29.0.3.Hai Zhang
2019-08-03Update to 29.0.2.Hai Zhang
2019-06-11Update to 29.0.1.Hai Zhang
2019-06-05Update to 29.0.0.Hai Zhang
2019-05-08Update to 28.0.3.Zhang Hai
2019-03-14Update to 28.0.2.Zhang Hai
2018-08-31Update to 28.0.1.Zhang Hai
2018-06-07Update to 28.0.0.Zhang Hai
2017-12-23Update to 27.0.1.Zhang Hai
2017-12-07Update to 27.0.0.Zhang Hai
2017-10-27Update to 26.0.2.Zhang Hai
2017-10-01Fix build.Zhang Hai
2017-10-01Minor refactoring.Zhang Hai
2017-10-01Fix .install.Zhang Hai
2017-10-01Minor refactoring.Zhang Hai
2017-10-01Refactor and update to 26.0.1.Zhang Hai
2017-06-16Update to r26.0.0Christoph Bayer
2017-05-24Update to r25.0.6Christoph Bayer
2017-04-28Update to r25.0.5Christoph Bayer
2017-03-20Update to r25.0.4Christoph Bayer
2016-12-18Update to r25.0.3Christoph Bayer
2016-12-13Update to r25.0.2Christoph Bayer
2016-12-02Update to r25.0.1Christoph Bayer
2016-10-24Fix chksumChristoph Bayer
2016-10-24Merge branch 'master' of ssh://aur/android-sdk-platform-toolsChristoph Bayer
2016-10-24Update to r25Christoph Bayer
2016-10-24Update to r25Christoph Bayer
2016-09-14Update to 24.0.3Christoph Bayer
2016-08-03Fix revision to r24.0.1Christoph Bayer
2016-08-03Update to 24.0.1Christoph Bayer
2016-06-20update to r24Christoph Bayer
2016-05-21mendChristoph Bayer
2016-05-21Do not source profile file, just inform user to do so to be able to use the p...Christoph Bayer
2016-05-21source profile.d scripts right after installationChristoph Bayer
2015-12-31make x86_64 onlyChristoph Bayer
2015-12-17update to r23.1.0vlad
2015-09-29update to 23.0.1vlad
2015-08-18update to r23vlad
2015-07-08Add 'android-tools' to providesvlad
2015-07-08Initial importvlad