AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-29Updated to version `29_10.0.0_r01`Jérémy "Vrakfall" Lecocq
2018-11-02Updated to `Android sources v28-r01 (9.0.0)`.Jérémy "Vrakfall" Lecocq
2018-11-02Updated to `Android sources v27-r01 (8.1.0)`.Jérémy "Vrakfall" Lecocq
2018-11-02Added the API version back into the `pkgver` so it triggers tools with automa...Jérémy "Vrakfall" Lecocq
2018-11-02This package now conflicts correctly with the ones with fixed versions.Jérémy "Vrakfall" Lecocq
2018-11-02Updated to `Android sources v26-r01 (8.0.0)` and changed version numbering to...Jérémy "Vrakfall" Lecocq
2016-12-31Update pkg (25_r01)lester
2015-08-24Update pkg (23_r01)lester
2015-03-16Update pkg (22_r01)lester
2014-12-23Add package repository source urllester
2014-12-02Do some major reorganization in the package buildlester
2014-12-02Adopt the packagelester
2014-12-02Initial commitlester