AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-24Update to 2023.1.1.28 (#19)Lucas Grzegorczyk
2024-01-06Update to 2023.1.1.27Lucas Grzegorczyk
2023-12-03Update to 2023.1.1.26 (#17)Lucas Grzegorczyk
2023-11-18Update to 2022.3.1.22Julian Raufelder
2023-11-08Update to 2022.3.1.21 (#16)biggeryetbetter
2023-09-28Update to 2022.3.1.20Julian Raufelder
2023-08-22Update to 2022.3.1.19Julian Raufelder
2023-07-27Giraffe 2022.3.1.18 (#15)Dhina17
2023-05-25Update to 2022.2.1.20Julian Raufelder
2023-05-02Update to 2022.2.1.19Julian Raufelder
2023-04-13Update to 2022.2.1.18Julian Raufelder
2023-02-27Update to 2022.1.1.21Julian Raufelder
2023-02-01Update to 2022.1.1.20Julian Raufelder
2023-01-13Fix Update to 2022.1.1.19Julian Raufelder
2023-01-13Update to 2022.1.1.19 (#13)Dhina17
2022-10-14Update to 2021.2.1.17Julian Raufelder
2022-09-18android-studio: Update to 2021.3.1.16Dhina17
2022-08-04Update to 2021.2.1.16Julian Raufelder
2022-05-25Update to 2021.2.1.15Julian Raufelder
2022-05-09Update to 2021.2.1.14Julian Raufelder
2022-04-07Update to 2021.1.1.23 (#11)Ashutosh Gangwar
2022-02-24Update to 2021.1.1.22 (#10)Julian Raufelder
2022-02-24Update to 2021.1.1.22Ashutosh Gangwar
2022-02-04Update to 2021.1.1.21Julian Raufelder
2022-01-25Update to 2021.1.1.20Julian Raufelder
2021-12-08Merge pull request #9 from Dhina17/masterJulian Raufelder
2021-12-09android-studio: Update to 2020.3.1.26Dhina17
2021-10-11Update to 2020.3.1.25Julian Raufelder
2021-09-02Update to 2020.3.1.24Julian Raufelder
2021-08-21Update to 2020.3.1.23Julian Raufelder
2021-08-01Update to 2020.3.1.22Kordian Bruck
2021-07-04Update to
2021-05-15Update to
2021-05-07Merge pull request #2 from NenoStefanov/masterKordian Bruck
2021-05-05Update to Stefanov
2021-03-26Merge pull request #1 from SscSPs/412To413UpdateKordian Bruck
2021-03-25Update to 4.1.3Sahil Soni
2021-01-21really add readme this timeKordian Bruck
2021-01-21Add readme and githubKordian Bruck
2021-01-21Update to Bruck
2020-11-11Update to Bruck
2020-10-13Update to Bruck
2020-10-12Update to Bruck
2020-07-25Update to Bruck
2020-05-29Update to Bruck
2020-04-18Update to Bruck
2020-04-02Update to Broich
2020-03-14Upgrade to Bruck
2020-02-25Update to version 3.6Kordian Bruck
2019-12-11Update to and add license to packageKordian Bruck