AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-074.8 has been re-released, fix checksumsMark
2024-02-07Version bump to 4.8Mark
2023-12-06Version bump to 4.7 and changed the disclaimerMark
2023-08-12Version bump to 4.6 and added a disclaimerMark
2023-07-09Version bump to 4.5Mark
2023-06-05Version bump to 4.4Mark
2023-05-16Version bump to 4.3Mark
2023-03-14Version bump to 4.2Mark
2023-02-22Fixed a mistake in dependenciesMark
2023-02-20Version bump to 4.1Mark
2023-01-26Version bump to 4.0Mark
2022-11-19Added man pageMark
2022-09-15Bump to 3.4Mark
2022-07-25Structure changes & Bump to 3.3Mark
2022-06-22Updated to work for 3.2Mark
2022-06-19Bump pkgrel to force rebuildMark
2022-06-19Replaced spaces with tabs (Last commit broke installing)Mark
2022-06-19Added new required filesMark
2022-06-14Version bump to 3.0Mark
2022-05-06Version bump to 2.2Mark
2022-04-17Version bump to 2.1Mark
2022-04-02Version bump to 2.0Mark
2022-03-04Version bump to 1.9Mark
2022-02-15Removed conflictsMark
2022-02-15Version bump to 1.8Mark
2022-02-12Updated dependenciesMark
2022-02-07Version bump to 1.7Mark
2022-02-01Bump pkgrel to force rebuildMark
2022-02-01Changed the source to the tarballMark
2022-01-31Version bump to 1.6Mark
2022-01-28initial commitMark