AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-08-20update to 2.6Seth Barberee
2016-08-12updated dep according to sourceSeth Barberee
2016-08-02updated to 2.4.2-0Seth Barberee
2016-07-26updated to recent versionSeth Barberee
2016-07-20added md5sums to PKGBUILDSeth Barberee
2016-07-19added url and maintainer tag to shut up namcapSeth Barberee
2016-07-19install error fixSeth Barberee
2016-07-19fixed link and updated SRCINFOSeth Barberee
2016-07-19Revert "fixed 404 error bad link"Seth Barberee
2016-07-19fixed 404 error bad linkSeth Barberee
2016-07-19Initial commitSeth Barberee