AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-10-08use the actual license found in the CHM filebemxio
2023-09-29eliminate the use of a temporary directory and include the license filebemxio
2023-09-29refactor the PKGBUILD to use `install` instead of `mv`bemxio
2023-08-28update the .SRCINFO filebemxio
2023-08-28make slight changes to stuffbemxio
2023-07-29update the .SRCINFO as wellbemxio
2023-07-29repair the .desktop description and turn off auto versioningbemxio
2023-07-28update the SRCINFObemxio
2023-07-28add the missing dependencybemxio
2023-07-28make the package version update automaticallybemxio
2023-07-28add .SRCINFO to the repositorybemxio
2023-07-28add the custom MIME type and the generated .desktop filebemxio
2023-07-28add the temporary directory to the gitignorebemxio
2023-07-28add the start-up scriptbemxio
2023-07-28add the complete pkgbuildbemxio
2023-07-28create the base for the packagebemxio