AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-07-11update pkgverksyasuda
2022-07-11update dependencies: aria2c -> axelksyasuda
2022-03-15add ffmpeg as dependencyksyasuda
2022-03-03remove support for mplayerksyasuda
2022-02-09add 480p qualityksyasuda
2022-02-07port over ani-cli menu code and update window titlesksyasuda
2022-02-06add openssl as dependencyksyasuda
2022-02-06update error handling for episode selectionksyasuda
2022-02-06update script to allow player selection in command-line modeksyasuda
2022-02-05update readme and manpageksyasuda
2022-02-05update pkgbuildksyasuda
2022-02-05update script with officially supported playersksyasuda
2022-02-05update width of rofi menus to reflect contentksyasuda
2022-02-05update readme and try to setup manpage againksyasuda
2022-02-04not ready for man page yetksyasuda
2022-02-04add man pageksyasuda
2022-02-04update scripts to allow passing in search queryksyasuda
2022-02-03squash some bugs and restructure the database codeksyasuda
2022-02-03update quality selection menuksyasuda
2022-02-01add option to change theme from the main menuksyasuda
2022-01-31standardize rofi quality selection menusksyasuda
2022-01-31add option to replay current video in different qualityksyasuda
2022-01-31fix bug in play from file and make silent more silentksyasuda
2022-01-29add silent optionksyasuda
2022-01-28remove jq as a dependencyksyasuda
2022-01-22fix bug in querying new animeksyasuda
2022-01-21squash some bugs and make inserts blocking to avoid locksksyasuda
2022-01-15rename logger function to lgksyasuda
2022-01-15refactor and clean up code a bitksyasuda
2022-01-15add jq as dependency for json parsingksyasuda
2022-01-14update to scrape gogoplayksyasuda
2022-01-11convert more functions to use process substitutionksyasuda
2022-01-11update themes and allow specifying dpi at command-lineksyasuda
2022-01-11update find media function to be tail recursiveksyasuda
2022-01-11update git url to fix pushingksyasuda
2022-01-10fix bug in check flags functionksyasuda
2022-01-09update search history table sql to not allow duplicate animeksyasuda
2022-01-09update nord theme and fix file_history table creation in setupksyasuda
2022-01-09better regex and integrate directory tracking in play from fileksyasuda
2022-01-09more improvements and add nord themeksyasuda
2022-01-08improvements to watch from file and update setupksyasuda
2022-01-07fix sync history and improve performanceksyasuda
2022-01-06change setup script run setup sql each updateksyasuda
2022-01-06add more themes and handling for user and custom themesksyasuda
2022-01-06add dracula type theme and allow changing theme with argksyasuda
2022-01-05update srcinfoksyasuda
2022-01-05update to scrape and optimize codeksyasuda
2022-01-04update code to insert into watch history tableksyasuda