AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-07Add Previous Maintainer To PKGBUILDs7hoang
2021-01-27Inline function call to conditionals7hoang
2021-01-27String To Number on Conditionals7hoang
2021-01-27start -> restarts7hoang
2021-01-27Fix Tests7hoang
2021-01-27Update .SRCINFOs7hoang
2021-01-27remove commas7hoang
2021-01-27Readd Make Dependency On Portaudios7hoang
2021-01-27Fix Post_upgrade Unary Operator Expected Errors7hoang
2021-01-27Update .SRCINFOs7hoang
2021-01-27Remove Old Stuffs7hoang
2021-01-27Update To Work With Upstreams7hoang
2020-08-05update .SRCINFOs7hoang
2020-08-05Add Some Log Statementss7hoang
2020-08-05Remove Auto Restart On Systemd Services7hoang
2020-08-05Implement Upgrade Scriptss7hoang
2020-08-05Fix PKGBUILD To Use Correct Directorys7hoang
2020-07-17Update .SRCINFOs7hoang
2020-07-17Add Clarifying Comments For Bundled Anki Install Scripts7hoang
2020-07-17Switch mpv for mplayer as optional dependencys7hoang
2020-07-17Remove Empty Liness7hoang
2020-07-17Reference The Shell Script Instead Of Manually Install The Bundle Dependenciess7hoang
2020-07-17Readd The Build Steps7hoang
2020-07-17Do The Commands As The Right Users7hoang
2020-07-17Add Clarifying Messages7hoang
2020-07-17Update Post-Install To Include All The Optional Dependenciess7hoang
2020-07-17Move Bundled-Anki Python Dependencies To Pacman Optional Lists7hoang
2020-07-17Flip Install Liness7hoang
2020-07-17Remove Optional Anki-Bundled Build Stuff And Move To Post-Installs7hoang
2020-07-17Remove Installing Packages From Anki-Bundleds7hoang
2020-07-17Change Info To Point To The Official Anki Community Owned Repos7hoang
2020-05-29Update Post Install Instructions For Running Bundled Anki Clients7hoang
2020-05-29Add Missing Optional Dependencies For Bundled Anki Clients7hoang
2020-05-25Fix Git Being In Wrong Dependency Lists7hoang
2020-03-02Add .SRCINFOs7hoang
2020-03-02Add Git To Dependenciess7hoang
2019-10-25clarify webob and decorator dependency issues7hoang
2019-04-19Remove Unused Files7hoang
2019-04-19Change pkgname To Use '-git's7hoang
2019-04-19update .SRCINFOs7hoang
2019-04-19Add Files For New Implementations7hoang
2019-04-18Test CommitVirtual Ubuntu
2016-06-29Add missing srcinfoJanne Heß
2016-06-29Rrefactor everythingJanne Heß
2016-03-13Initial commit of the anki sync serverJanne Heß