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2020-09-19Bump to 2.0Cynthia
2020-06-19update url everywhereCynthia
2020-06-18update to new repositoryCynthia
2020-04-28fix conflicts, change maintainer, add licenseCynthia
2019-05-23Make this package conflict ant-dracula-theme-gitDavide Depau
2019-05-23Bump to 1.3.0Davide Depau
2018-12-02Add maintainerDavide Depau
2018-12-02Update to v1.2.0Davide Depau
2018-08-31Update source URLDavide Depau
2018-02-14updated to current version, using sha256sumMarvin Schlegel
2018-01-18Updated to version 1.0.3-7Max J Rodríguez Beltrán
2018-01-17Updated to version 1.0.3-6Max J Rodríguez Beltrán
2017-12-11Updated to version 1.0.3-4Max J Rodríguez Beltrán
2017-11-29Updated to version 1.0.3-3Max J Rodríguez Beltrán
2017-11-17Updated to version 1.0.3-2Max J Rodríguez Beltrán
2017-11-03Updated to version 1.0.3Max J Rodríguez Beltrán
2017-10-25Updated to version 1.0.2Max J Rodríguez Beltrán
2017-10-15Updated to version 1.0.1Max J Rodríguez Beltrán
2017-10-11first commitMax J Rodríguez Beltrán