AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-046.1.1Bryn Edwards
2020-07-156.1.0Bryn Edwards
2020-04-096.0.1Bryn Edwards
2020-03-306.0.0Bryn Edwards
2020-03-235.0.1Bryn Edwards
2020-03-225.0.0Bryn Edwards
2020-02-154.3.1Bryn Edwards
2020-02-144.3.0Bryn Edwards
2019-10-144.2.0Bryn Edwards
2019-06-184.1.2Bryn Edwards
2019-03-19Simplify build methodBryn Edwards
2019-03-114.1.1Bryn Edwards
2018-12-284.1.0Bryn Edwards
2018-11-30Update to 4.0.2; add ARM architectures; re-enable testsBryn Edwards
2018-11-084.0.1Bryn Edwards
2018-10-084.0.0Bryn Edwards
2018-10-06Update to 3.7.0; fix symlink; disable failing testBryn Edwards
2018-07-303.6.1Bryn Edwards
2018-07-273.6.0Bryn Edwards
2018-07-113.5.2Bryn Edwards
2018-06-273.5.1Bryn Edwards
2018-06-18Use dep from community; update to v3.5.0; re-enable testsBryn Edwards
2018-05-303.4.6Bryn Edwards
2018-01-11Should be release 1Bryn Edwards
2018-01-11Update to 3.4.3; disable check() as test failsBryn Edwards
2017-09-25Report correct versionBryn Edwards
2017-09-25Update .SRCINFOBryn Edwards
2017-09-25FixBryn Edwards
2017-09-25Update to 3.3.1; run testsBryn Edwards
2017-08-08Report correct version number.Bryn Edwards
2017-08-08Update to 3.1.4. Change PKGBUILD to build from source.Bryn Edwards
2017-07-18Update to 3.1.3Bryn Edwards
2017-01-19Fixed LICENSE issueDamir Garifullin
2017-01-19Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Garifullin
2017-01-19Updated to version 2.2.4Damir Garifullin
2017-01-19Updated to version 2.2.4Damir Garifullin
2016-11-14Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh:// Garifullin
2016-11-14Updated to version 2.2.0Damir Garifullin
2016-11-14Updated to version 2.2.0Damir Garifullin
2016-10-19Initial commitDamir Garifullin