AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-10-31Remove merged patchesYaohan Chen
2019-09-07Fix boost/uuid/detail/sha1.hpp pathYaohan Chen
2018-09-07Avoid compilation error of redefining HAVE_M_PIYaohan Chen
2017-04-26Add imlib submoduleYaohan Chen
2016-08-15Update .SRCINFOYaohan Chen
2016-08-15Restore -Werror since upstream has fixed codeYaohan Chen
2016-08-13Turn off -WerrorYaohan Chen
2016-03-22Remove merged patchesYaohan Chen
2015-11-29Remove an outdated patchYaohan Chen
2015-08-16Fix compile errorsYaohan Chen
2015-08-16Use the newer "trunk" branchYaohan Chen
2015-06-20Initial importYaohan Chen