AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-27add missing libxkbfile dependencyD3SOX
2021-06-28add missing polkit dependencyD3SOX
2021-04-29remove obsolete gtk theme overrideD3SOX
2021-04-16add missing dependencyD3SOX
2021-04-16update to 6.1.1D3SOX
2021-01-29Don't use makepkg subroutines, add 32bit warningD3SOX
2021-01-29update to 6.1.0D3SOX
2020-10-07updated maintainer commentD3SOX
2020-10-07updated maintainer commentD3SOX
2020-09-18use warning instead of msg2D3SOX
2020-09-18adjust package info since anydesk-debian is deleted nowD3SOX
2020-08-25updated to 6.0.1D3SOX
2020-07-29updated to 6.0.0D3SOX
2020-06-06Added lsb-release dependencyD3SOX
2020-05-16Fix desktop file for GNOMED3SOX
2020-05-15Added adwaita as dependency and force use itD3SOX
2020-05-12Updated package descriptionD3SOX
2020-05-08Update to 5.5.6D3SOX
2020-05-06Removed pangox-compat dependency and patch the binary instead (Thanks to seve...D3SOX
2020-05-05Removed pangox provideD3SOX
2020-05-05Bump version in SRCINFOD3SOX
2020-05-05Removed pangox workaround (Thanks to severach for maintaining pangox-compat)D3SOX
2020-05-03Added symlink for libpangoxft-1.0.soD3SOX
2020-05-03Added conflict for pango-anydeskD3SOX
2020-04-21added missing polkit actionD3SOX
2020-04-21updated to 5.5.5D3SOX
2020-04-17add anydesk to providesD3SOX
2020-03-02correctly install licenseD3SOX
2020-03-02raised pkgrel to fix icon for users who already installed the old versionD3SOX
2020-03-02fixed iconD3SOX
2020-03-01added old anydesk package to conflictsD3SOX
2020-02-26added info to pkgdesc and conflicting packagesD3SOX
2020-02-26initial commitD3SOX