AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-21Update default player version to 32.0Zach Hoffman
2020-12-27PlayerGlobal swc for Flash Hoffman
2020-10-23Newer playerglobal checksumZach Hoffman
2020-10-23Update SRCINFOZach Hoffman
2020-10-23New playerglobal checksumZach Hoffman
2020-09-28New URL for playerglobal.swc version 32.0Zach Hoffman
2020-06-06playerglobal.swc version 32.0Zach Hoffman
2020-01-13Updated PKGBUILD as pgp-sigs are removedFelix Golatofski
2018-10-15Add pgp validation. Remove prepare(). Update player.Daniel Bermond
2018-08-21Update playerglobal checksum (file was updated by upstream)Daniel Bermond
2018-08-04depends: fix java dependencyDaniel Bermond
2018-08-04Cosmetic changesDaniel Bermond
2018-08-04Fix buildDaniel Bermond
2017-11-24 Bump to 4.16.1Yen Chi Hsuan
2017-03-15 Bump to 4.16.0Yen Chi Hsuan
2016-06-26 Add playerglobal.swc 15.0Yen Chi Hsuan
2016-01-16 Bump and add a new PGP keyYen Chi Hsuan
2015-09-18 Remove *.bat files from bin/Yen Chi Hsuan
2015-04-18apache-flex-sdk: 4.14.1Yen Chi Hsuan
2015-02-09Update apache-flex-sdkYen Chi Hsuan
2015-01-26Namcap fixesYen Chi Hsuan
2015-01-06Add PGP keys to apache-flex-sdkYen Chi Hsuan
2014-09-21Script for checking versions of multiple packagesYen Chi Hsuan
2014-08-13Add version script for apache flex sdkYen Chi Hsuan
2014-07-23Update apache-flex-sdk to 4.13.0Yen Chi Hsuan
2014-05-17Update apache-flex-sdk to 4.12.1Yen Chi Hsuan
2014-04-04apache-flex-sdk: use direct source URLYen Chi Hsuan
2014-03-07First commit. Put 3 packages here.Yen Chi Hsuan